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Emeriti Faculty

Faculty Member Contact Research Interests
Ilhan Basgoz
Professor Emeritus of Central Eurasian Studies; Professor Emeritus of Folklore

Oral literature; epics; romances; Asia; Near East; Turkey
Richard Bauman
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Folklore; Professor of Anthropology; Professor of Communication and Culture

Narrative; drama; religion; performance studies; semiotics; Mexico; the United States
Mary Ellen Brown
Professor Emerita of Folklore; Professor Emerita of Women's Studies

Ballad, folksong; historical ethnology and cultural criticism; Scotland; Britain; Europe; the United States

Mellonee Burnim
Professor Emerita of Ethnomusicology Black religious music and aesthetics, music in the African Diaspora

Inta Carpenter
Research Scholar

Ethnic, exile, and diaspora identity; life story; cultural documentation /ethnography; applied folklore

Sandra K. Dolby
Professor Emerita of Folklore

Australian folklore; American folklore; Indiana folklore;
Personal narrative; folklore and literature; folksong

Hasan El-Shamy
Professor Emeritus of Folklore

The folk narrative and the ballad; typology; social structure; religion among the folk; mental health in traditional cultures; psychological approaches and folklore theory; Africa; the Middle East

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Henry H. Glassie
College Professor Emeritus of Folklore


Folk art and material culture; historical approaches; the United States, Ireland, Turkey, Bangladesh

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2011 Charles Homer Haskins Prize Lecture

William Hansen
Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies; Professor Emeritus of Folklore

Epic; classical mythology; the ancient world

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Roger Janelli
Professor Emeritus of Folklore; Professor Emeritus of East Asian Languages and Cultures

Culture; religion; political economy; anthropological approaches; Korea; East Asia
John W. Johnson
Associate Professor Emeritus of Folklore

Epic and oral poetry; Somalia; Mali; Africa; computer assisted research; popular culture
Portia K. Maultsby
Professor Emerita of Ethnomusicology Popular music, the music industry, African American music; Musical aesthetics and transnationalism

Ruth Stone
Professor Emerita of Ethnomusicology

Music as culture and performance; theory of ethnomusicology; Africa; the Middle East

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Beverly Stoeltje
Professor of Anthropology and Folklore Ritual and festival; feminist theory; the American West; Ghana; West Africa