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The Folklore and Ethnomusicology undergraduate major within the College of Arts and Sciences includes the study of performance, specific cultures and regions, human diversity and world view, and research methods. It provides students with a solid grounding in the methods and materials in the study of traditional arts and culture.

Requirements include a minimum of 120 credit hours consisting of general B.A. degree requirements and a minimum of 30 credit hours in departmental courses.


Students interested in studying Folklore and Ethnomusicology at the undergraduate level must make application through the Office of Admissions. All incoming freshmen admitted to Indiana University first enter the University Division. Students who wish to earn a major in Folklore/Ethnomusicology must first be admitted into the College of Arts and Sciences. Twenty-six credit hours of course work, completion of the English requirement and a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 are prerequisites. Please contact the kherndon @ (Undergraduate Advisor) for information and advising on how to become a Folklore/Ethnomusicology major.

Potential students in Folklore/Ethnomusicology considering coming to or already enrolled at Indiana University are encouraged to apply for admission to the I.U. Honors Division (324 N. Jordan, 812-855-3555).

For information on admissions and applications, contact the Office of Admissions (300 N. Jordan, 812-855-0661).