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The Ohio State University Folklore Student Association and the Indiana University Folklore & Ethnomusicology Student Associations Conference being hosted at Indiana University Bloomington, March 27-29, 2008.

Poster proposal guidelines:

We highly encourage poster submissions, particularly for research projects in progress. During a poster session, several presenters are present during the entire session. Attendees are welcome to walk around the room, view the posters, and discuss the research presented in the posters with the presenters one-on-one. Therefore, posters provide a great way to engage in active dialogue with others about your research.

Posters are low-tech, visual presentations. We will not provide any multi-media equipment for poster presentations and you should not plan on having access to outlets or the Internet during the poster session. Posters can be produced by physically pasting text and images on a large board. Alternatively, posters can be electronically created using electronic text and images (in a program such as Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Publisher) and printed with a large-format printer or plotter (often available at universities or places such as Kinko's). Posters should be mounted or attached (bulldog clips can be useful) to a firm backing board, either foam-core or stiff poster board. They should be no larger than 36" x 48". We will either provide easels or another surface to lean posters against.

This website contains several resources for designing posters. Although many sites are directed at the sciences, the tips about good poster design are still relevant.

This website contains a tutorial to lead one through good poster design.

A sample poster will also be posted to this website shortly.

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