Food Studies at Indiana University

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Sawyer Seminar

Food Choice, Freedom, and Politics

This seminar, led by Richard Wilk and Peter Todd, has three parts. First, a year-long series of meetings among scholars will focus on food choice, decisions and diet. Participants will join from a wide variety of disciplines including anthropology, psychology, economics, geography, informatics, sociology, history, communications and culture, and political science. A second workshop will focus on translating academic research into public policy. And finally, the seminar will bring together knowledge and conversations gained through our workshops with a week-long conference focusing on developing new models for the growing field of interdisciplinary food studies. Representatives of community food organizations and political representatives will attend. Conversations will focus on how to address issues of consumption, sustainability and public health.

As the workshop carries out over the course of the 2012-2013 academic year, students will summarize these conversations on our blog:
Peter Todd, Professor, Cognitive Science and Psychology
Richard Wilk, Provost Professor, Anthropology
Amanda Logan, Postdoctoral Fellow
Shingo Hamada, Doctoral Fellow
Sara Minard, Doctoral Fellow
Lillian Brown, Seminar Manager
Leigh Bush, Webmaster and Media

Participating IU Faculty (Fall)
Kay Connelly, Associate Professor, Computer Science
James Farmer, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies, Earlham College
Vivian Halloran, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature
Carl Ipsen, Professor, History, and Faculty Director of Collins Living-Learning Center
Hilary Kahn, Director of the Center for the Study of Global Change, and Adjunct Professor, Anthropology
Olga Kalentzidou, Associate Director of International Studies
Dan Knudsen, Professor, Geography
Emilie Rex, Assistant Director of Sustainability
Jennifer Meta Robinson, Senior Lecturer, Communication and Culture
Rinku Roy Chowdhury, Assistant Professor, Geography
Gregory Shrempp, Associate Professor of Folklore & Co-Director of Mythology Studies
Rebecca Spang, Associate Professor, History
Catherine Tucker, Associate Professor and Chair, Anthropology
Andrea Wiley, Professor, Anthropology


More detailed information on the seminar is avaialable here.

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