Genetics L311

Fall 2018


Welcome to genetics.

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Name: Dr. Wayne Forrester


Office: Myers Hall Room 254

Office Hours:

Course Information:

Introduction - copy of general information handout from first day of class


Lecture Notes - copies of each handout (after downloading, open in Microsoft Word)

Sample Problems - these are the problems that I went over at the beginning of many class periods

Vocabulary list - these are the terms that you should know for the vocabulary section of the exam.

Review Sheet- here are a few problems to study material that was not covered in any problem set or that tripped many up during earlier exams.

Quiz Answer Key- this is the key to the quiz you took on the first day of class

Problem Sets - these are the problems that will be discussed in learning group

Problem Set answer keys - these are the answer keys to completed problem sets.

Old Exams- will be posted at least one week before each exam

Old Exam Answer Keys

Exam Answer Keys

Review Session

Mitosis, meiosis, homologue, diploid, etc. review sheet is here - Thanks to Lesley Weaver for putting this together.

Review tips to keep in mind as you prepare for the final.

In case any of you have the 4th edition of Hartwell, here's an old syllabus with the suggested readings and corresponding page numbers from the 4th edition.


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