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The Video Mosaic Collaborative (VMC)

About the Project


Presentations and Publications


About the Project

The Video Mosaic Collaborative (VMC) is a collaborative and interactive online space “designed to enable teachers, teacher educators and researchers to analyze and utilize the real classroom videos shot over a span of 20+ years to make new discoveries in math education and transform mathematics research, teaching and learning” (

Innovative VMC Analytic Tool allows users to edit and annotate rich video data as they examine teaching and learning. VMCAnalytic Tool changes the way students, teachers, and researchers think about professional development, multimedia academic publication, and authentic pre-service teaching experiences.

Current Research with the VMC Analytic Tool:

Developing a pilot study in an Indiana University Educational Psychology course and Rutgers University Child Development and Mathematics Education course exploring how viewing and analyzing videos of teachers and students helps pre-service teachers to connect theory to practice.

Examining “transfer” in a full video from the VMC. This collaborative analysis will be published in the form of a multimedia “analytic.” The process of the analysis will be studied by a VMC team at Rutgers University.




Cindy E. Hmelo-Silver










Andi Gomoll, a first-year Graduate Apprentice in Cindy Hmelo-Silver’s 4C lab, is currently working with a team of researchers based at Rutgers University.Each week, Andi meets via conference call with the team to discuss the next steps for the many concurrent projects pertaining to the VMC video archives and VMCAnalytic tool.

Entering the IU Learning Sciences PhD program after a year of teaching experience with Indianapolis 4th graders and Noblesville preschoolers, Andi is excited to apply educational theory to the many practical problems she faced in the classroom. Andi graduated from St. Olaf College in 2013 with a major in American studies and a major she created herself. This independent major was titled Growing Up in America: A Systems Thinking A pproach. It combined anthropology, psychology, and education to consider the formation of identity in the US K-12 education system.

Andi’s passion for interdisciplinary perspective and “systems thinking” attracted her to the dynamic Learning Sciences research and faculty at Indiana University.




Presentations and Publications

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