Indiana University Bloomington
Department of French and Italian

Samuel Rosenberg

Samuel Rosenberg

Professor Emeritus of French

Research Areas

Medieval French language and literature, esp. lyric poetry and Arthurian narrative; translation


  • AB, Columbia College (Columbia University), 1957
  • PhD, The Johns Hopkins University, 1965


Until retirement in 1999, I taught undergraduate and graduate courses in French grammar, composition, translation; history of the French language; Old French lyric poetry; French Arthurian prose; and occasionally history of the Italian language as well. My research activity has centered—and continues to center—on textual edition and translation of trouvère poetry, and on translation and adaptation of Arthurian narrative. Between 2005 and 2010, I served as Editor of ENCOMIA, the annual publication of the International Courtly Literature Society.

Publication Highlights


  • Sottes chansons contre Amours. Parodie et burlesque au XIIIe siècle. With Eglal Doss-Quinby and Marie-Geneviève Grossel. (Essais sur le Moyen Age.) Paris: Champion, 2010.
  • The Old French Ballette. Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Douce 308. With Eglal Doss-Quinby and Elizabeth Aubrey. (Publications romanes et françaises.) Geneva: Droz, 2006.
  • Lancelot and the Lord of the Distant Isles, or "The Book of Galehaut" Retold. With Patricia Terry. Boston: Godine, 2006.
  • Les Chansons de Colin Muset. Textes et mélodies. With Christopher Callahan. (Classiques Français du Moyen Age.) Paris: Champion, 2005.
  • Songs of the Troubadours and Trouvères: An Anthology of Poems and Melodies. With Margaret Switten and Gérard Le Vot. CD. New York-London: Garland, 1998.
  • Chansons des trouvères. With Hans Tischler and Marie-Geneviève Grossel. (Lettres Gothiques.) Paris: Librairie Générale Française, 1995.


  • "The Serventois in the Miracles de Nostre Dame par personnages: The Ways of Imitation." In Parisian Confraternity Drama of the Fourteenth Century. Ed. Donald Maddox and Sara Sturm-Maddox. Turnhout: Brepols, 2008; pp. 87-111.
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  • "Five [anonymous folk] ballads translated from the Occitan and one [related] ballad translated from the Spanish. Co-translator: Patricia Terry. Metamorphoses 20.1 (2012), 96-111.
  • "Translating the Prose Lancelot." In "Moult a sans et vallour": Studies in Medieval French Literature in Honor of William W. Kibler. Ed. Monica L. Wright, Norris J. Lacy, and Rupert T. Pickens. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2012; pp. 357-366.

Honors, Fellowships, and Awards

There is one that truly matters to me: the volume "Chançon legiere a chanter": Essays on Old French Literature in Honor of Samuel N. Rosenberg, edited by Karen Fresco and Wendy Pfeffer (Birmingham AL: Summa, 2007) — twenty-eight essays by American and French specialists in several areas of medieval French literature.