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French Linguistics Faculty

Listed here are the tenured, tenure-track, and other long-term faculty members in French Linguistics. To find visiting professors, visiting lecturers, adjunct appointees, and emeriti faculty, please click on the appropriate link to the left.

Julie AugerJulie Auger
Associate Professor of French Linguistics
Director of Graduate Studies, French Linguistics | (812) 855-7958 | Ballantine Hall 635
Interests: Sociolinguistics, variation, morphosyntax, phonology, Québec Colloquial French, Picard

Laurent DekydtspotterLaurent Dekydtspotter
Professor of French Linguistics | (812) 855-2221 | Ballantine Hall 611
Interests: Development of interpretive knowledge: phrasal semantics, lexical semantics and grammatically computed pragmatic inferences; sentence processing: information integration in L2 processing

Kevin RottetKevin Rottet
Associate Professor of French Linguistics | (812) 855-6164 | Ballantine Hall 610
Interests: Language contact (Louisiana French, Welsh, Breton), lexicography, pidgins and creoles, endangered languages

Kelly SaxKelly Sax
Senior Lecturer in French
Director of French Language Instruction | (812) 855-1254 | Ballantine Hall 636
Interests: Second language acquisition, foreign language pedagogy, computer-assisted language learning, French phonetics

UnavailableBarbara Vance
Associate Professor of French Linguistics | (812) 855-2702 | Ballantine Hall 617
Interests: French linguistics, syntax, history of French (including Occitan)