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French Literature Faculty

Listed here are the tenured, tenure-track, and other long-term faculty members in French Literature. To find visiting professors, visiting lecturers, adjunct appointees, and emeriti faculty, please click on the appropriate link to the left.

Guillaume AnsartGuillaume Ansart
Associate Professor of French | (812) 855-9608 | Ballantine Hall 620
Interests: 18th-century literature and culture, especially the novel and political theory

Hall BjørnstadHall Bjørnstad
Associate Professor of French | (812) 855-6596 | Ballantine Hall 618
Interests: 17th-century literature and culture, with emphasis on the relationship between literature, politics and philosophy

Vincent BouchardVincent Bouchard
Assistant Professor of French | (812) 855-2549 | Ballantine Hall 605
Interests: Media (literature, cinema, telephone, radio, internet) and cultural studies (popular cultures, reception); Francophone cultures in Africa and North America

Brett BowlesBrett Bowles
Associate Professor of French | (812) 855-5458 | Ballantine Hall 628
Interests: 20th-century French cultural history; film studies; cinema, society, and politics during the Popular Front and Vichy; literature and ideology

Alison CalhounAlison Calhoun
Assistant Professor of French | (812) 856-6731 | Ballantine Hall 535
Interests: Early Modern French Drama (theater, opera, ballet, festivals); Intellectual and cultural history of the French Renaissance; Relationship between music and literature

Margot GrayMargaret Gray
Associate Professor of French | (812) 855-7884 | Ballantine Hall 629
Interests: The 20th-century French and francophone novel in its sociocultural context, narrative dynamics, reading practices

Eileen JulienEileen Julien
Professor of French | (812) 855-7537 | Ballantine Hall 903
Interests: 20th-century literature and culture, especially the novel, postcolonial theory, and the literatures of Africa, the African diaspora

Eric MacPhailEric MacPhail
Professor of French | (812) 855-8948 | Ballantine Hall 616
Interests: Renaissance literature, humanism, rhetoric

Jacques MerceronJacques Merceron
Professor of French | (812) 855-4336 | Ballantine Hall 604
Interests: French medieval studies, French folklore and mythology

Emanuel MickelEmanuel Mickel
Professor of French | (812) 855-8253 | Ballantine Hall 621
Interests: Medieval romance, The Rose, allegory and persona in European literature, 19th-century literature, classic tradition, ekphrastic writings and painting

Oana PanaïtéOana Panaïté
Associate Professor of French
Director of Graduate Studies, French Literature | (812) 855-1134 | Ballantine Hall 627
Interests: Literary history, theory and esthetics, French and francophone fiction, contemporary studies, writing and politics

Nicolas ValazzaNicolas Valazza
Assistant Professor of French | (812) 855-5764 | Ballantine Hall 624
Interests: 19th century French literature; relationship between painting and literature; history of esthetic forms; art theory of the Italian Renaissance; Clandestine literature