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Department of French and Italian

French/Francophone Studies Faculty

Listed here are the tenured, tenure-track, and other long-term faculty members in French/Francophone Studies. To find visiting professors, visiting lecturers, adjunct appointees, and emeriti faculty, please click on the appropriate link to the left.

Guillaume AnsartGuillaume Ansart
Associate Professor of French | (812) 855-9608 | Ballantine Hall 620
Interests: 18th-century literature and culture, especially the novel and political theory

Hall BjørnstadHall Bjørnstad
Associate Professor of French | (812) 855-6596 | Ballantine Hall 618
Interests: 17th-century literature and culture, with emphasis on the relationship between literature, politics and philosophy

Vincent BouchardVincent Bouchard
Assistant Professor of French | (812) 855-2549 | Ballantine Hall 605
Interests: Media (literature, cinema, telephone, radio, internet) and cultural studies (popular cultures, reception); Francophone cultures in Africa and North America

Brett BowlesBrett Bowles
Associate Professor of French | (812) 855-5458 | Ballantine Hall 628
Interests: 20th-century French cultural history; film studies; cinema, society, and politics during the Popular Front and Vichy; literature and ideology

Alison CalhounAlison Calhoun
Assistant Professor of French | (812) 856-6731 | Ballantine Hall 535
Interests: Early Modern French Drama (theater, opera, ballet, festivals); Intellectual and cultural history of the French Renaissance; Relationship between music and literature

Margot GrayMargaret Gray
Associate Professor of French
Director of Undergraduate Studies—French | (812) 855-7884 | Ballantine Hall 629
Interests: The 20th-century French and francophone novel in its sociocultural context, narrative dynamics, reading practices

Eileen JulienEileen Julien
Professor of French | (812) 855-7537 | Ballantine Hall 903
Interests: 20th-century literature and culture, especially the novel, postcolonial theory, and the literatures of Africa, the African diaspora

Eric MacPhailEric MacPhail
Professor of French | (812) 855-8948 | Ballantine Hall 616
Interests: Renaissance literature, humanism, rhetoric

Jacques MerceronJacques Merceron
Professor of French | (812) 855-4336 | Ballantine Hall 604
Interests: French medieval studies, French folklore and mythology

Emanuel MickelEmanuel Mickel
Professor of French | (812) 855-8253 | Ballantine Hall 621
Interests: Medieval romance, The Rose, allegory and persona in European literature, 19th-century literature, classic tradition, ekphrastic writings and painting

Oana PanaïtéOana Panaïté
Associate Professor of French
Director of Graduate Studies, French/Francophone Studies | (812) 855-1134 | Ballantine Hall 627
Interests: Literary history, theory and esthetics, French and francophone fiction, contemporary studies, writing and politics

Nicolas ValazzaNicolas Valazza
Associate Professor of French | (812) 855-5764 | Ballantine Hall 624
Interests: 19th century French literature; relationship between painting and literature; history of esthetic forms; art theory of the Italian Renaissance; Clandestine literature