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Graduate Awards

Graduate Student Awards

The Department is pleased to recognize its outstanding graduate students during the annual French and Italian awards ceremony, held in early April each year. We are very grateful to our donors who make these awards possible.

Peter Cannings Memorial Prize

A British citizen, Peter Cannings studied French and linguistics at the School of Economics and Political Science of the University of London and then received a Maîtrise and Doctorat de troisième cycle at the Université de Provence in Aix-en-Provence. He joined the faculty of the Department in 1974 where he distinguished himself as an enthusiastic and creative teacher and a highly talented scholar in theoretical linguistics. He helped found the journal Studies in French Linguistics but did not live to see its first issue published in 1978. His life was cut short at the age of 27 by a car accident after less than four years at IU, in October 1977. His family helped establish this award in his memory, for a student of French or general linguistics.

  • 2015 - Rodica Frimu
  • 2014 - B. Devan Steiner
  • 2013 - Kelly Farmer
  • 2012 - Jennifer Betters
  • 2011 - Ryan Hendrickson

Grace P. Young Graduate Awards (French)

Grace P. Young, whose great-grandfather David H. Maxwell was one of the founders of Indiana University, served as an Instructor of French from 1917-1923; and as Professor from 1923 until her retirement in 1956. She collaborated with her husband Bert Young on the publication in 1947 of Le Registre de la Grange, 1659-1685, an account of the theatrical activities of Molière's troupe. It was through a bequest of copies of the Registre that the Grace P. Young Fund was established in 1970.

  • 2015 - Mark Black, Amber Panwitz, Flavien Falantin
  • 2014 - Krista Williams, Anemarie Calin
  • 2013 - Loïc Lerme, Nicole Burkholder
  • 2012 - Georgy Khabarovskiy, David K. Wagner, Michael Dow
  • 2011 - Erin Edgington, Benjamin Niehaus, Olga Scrivner

Mario & Katrina Vangeli Graduate Awards (Italian)

The Vangeli Awards were established by Professor Edoardo Lèbano and his wife Mary Vangeli Lèbano in 1989 to honor the memory of Captain Mario G. Vangeli, of the US Navy, Mary's father. He was a graduate of the US Naval Academy in Annapolis and later attended MIT where he earned a Master's Degree in Naval Architecture. After a distinguished Navy career including service in WWII, he became European President of Raytheon International. As of 2003, the awards also honor the memory of his wife, Katrina Vangeli.

  • 2013 - Mary Migliozzi
  • 2011 - Giulia Benghi
  • 2009 - Federico Pacchioni
  • 2007 - Beatrice Arduini

Lander MacClintock Memorial Award

Lander MacClintock was a professor of both French and Italian in the Department from 1920 to his retirement in 1960. He received BA, MA, and PhD degrees from the University of Chicago, and his scholarly works and editions include The Age of Pirandello (1951), Sainte-Beuve's Critical Theory and Practice, and The Contemporary Drama of Italy. He was a life-long devotee of the arts and music, from his early days of touring with the San Carlos Opera Company to his organization of a special exhibit in conjunction with the Orchestre National of France performing on campus in 1948.

Most of our awards are specifically for undergraduate or graduate students, and specifically for achievement in French or Italian. However, the Lander MacClintock Award is given alternately to a French student and to an Italian student, and it can be awarded to either an undergraduate or a graduate student.

  • 2015 - Kassandra Chronis (undergraduate, French)
  • 2014 - Isabella Magni (graduate, Italian)
  • 2013 - Kathryn Bastin (graduate, French)
  • 2012 - Emanuela Pecchioli (graduate, Italian)
  • 2011 - Amandine Lorente-Lapole (graduate, French)

Eneria Ruggeri Memorial Award

Eneria Ruggeri (Rome, 1922-1989), was a passionate and refined connoisseur of Italian literature, art and cinema, with a specific interest in drama and poetry. She volunteered as a nurse during WWII and, together with her family, she helped hide Italian citizens of Jewish origin from the Nazis. During the liberation of Rome, she worked with the pro-Allied Resistance movement. This award is for students who have demonstrated a superior ability in their Italian classes as well as a clear passion for the study of Italian language and culture.

  • 2015 - Lucia Gemmani

Olga Ragusa Graduate Award

Dr. Olga Ragusa, Lorenzo Da Ponte Professor Emerita of Italian and Comparative literature at Columbia University, is one of the most important scholars of modern Italian culture and literature today. The author of many books and articles whose topics range from the 1700s to the present, she has written on Goldoni, Alfieri, Manzoni, Verga, Pirandello, Gadda, Prezzolini, and Pasolini, among others. In 2004, Professor Ragusa gave a generous donation to the Italian program at IUB, which she values for its quality and productivity. This award is for graduate students in Italian who have demonstrated a remarkable scholarly ability in their courses as well as in their degree examinations.

  • 2015 - Carlotta Paltrinieri
  • 2014 - Edward Bowen

Associate Instructor Awards (French)

  • 2015 - Kelly Kasper-Cushman, David Wagner
  • 2014 - Sarah Kay Hurst, Jill Owen
  • 2013 - Rodica Frimu, Amber Panwitz
  • 2012 - Kelly Biers, Loïc Lerme
  • 2011 - Jennifer Betters, Ryan Hendrickson

Associate Instructor Awards (Italian)

  • 2015 - Lucia Gemmani
  • 2014 - Carlotta Paltrinieri
  • 2013 - Isabella Magni
  • 2012 - David Winkler
  • 2011 - Luisa Garrido Baez, Andrea Polegato