Indiana University Bloomington
Department of French and Italian

Tutors and Translators for French

The Department of French and Italian does not coordinate tutoring, but we do provide the following list of endorsed tutors, most of whom are graduate students in our programs. Tutors set their own rates and coordinate their own meetings with students. The average rate is $20 per hour.

Several of the individuals below also have skills and experience in translation—see their individual descriptions of their qualifications. Translators may set their rates per hour or according to the number of words/pages translated.

This list is updated at the beginning of fall and spring semesters, and in mid-May for the summer.

Carly Bahlerclbahler
EducationMA, French, 2013, IU; BA, French, 2011 University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana
Teaching experienceThis is my fourth year teaching at IU. Courses have included first-, second-, third-, and fourth-semester French, a graduate course in grammar-translation for reading knowledge of French, and French phonetics
Tutoring experienceHave tutored a variety of ages and skill levels in conversation, grammar, reading, and diction
Translating experience3 classes over the course of undergraduate & graduate coursework devoted to studying and perfecting English-to-French and French-to-English translation
Special skillsFluent in linguistic vocabulary
Flavien Falantinffalanti
Native speakerYes
EducationPh.D student om French at IU; MA in French from UW; BA Law, Paris II
Teaching experience6 years teaching experience in Middlebury College Summer program, 2 years teaching experience in University of Wyoming,1 year teaching experience in IU French language program
Tutoring experienceTutored high school and college students in French while in College
Translating experienceTranslated legal texts, all kind
Special skillsFamiliar with legal terminology
Cynthia Kankockanko
Native speakerFrom francophone country
EducationMA, French and Francophone World Studies, University of Iowa; MA, French and Francophone Literature, Indiana University; BA double Major English and French, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi - Ghana
Teaching experience3 years teaching experience in IU French language program; 2 years teaching experience in University of Iowa French language program. Also trained and taught French to French teachers during my National service at the CREF (Centre de Recherche pour l'Enseignement du Français) in Ghana after obtaining the BA
Tutoring experienceHave tutored for more than five years at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Have also tutored professionals who wish to be proficient in French
Translating experienceTranslated ordinary and legal documents for an interpretation firm
Special skillsHave learned, studied and worked with the French language for more than 30 years. Patient and familiar with difficulties that students face
Sara Lesliesaleslie
EducationMA student in French Linguistics at IU; BA French, Linguistics, University of Florida
Teaching experienceTeaching experience in IU French language program; Taught high school French at a private school in Pinehurst, NC
Tutoring experienceTutored college students between undergrad and graduate school
Special skillsStudied abroad in Toulouse, France in undergrad; experience with Southern French regional dialects
Noëlle Lindstrombrownno
EducationMA, French, IU; BA French and Computer Science, Principia College (Illinois)
Teaching experience1 year teaching experience in IU French language program; Also taught English 1 year in France; substituted in College-level courses at Principia College
Tutoring experienceTutored junior high school students in French while in High School; Tutored college students at IU; Tutored high school students in English in France
Translating experienceTranslated a flyer into French for Admissions Office
Special skillsFamiliar with both formal and informal registers. Raised speaking both French and English
Martin Maillotmmaillot
Native speakerYes
EducationBA, English (Angers, France); MA, Translation, (Angers, France)
Teaching experience1 year teaching experience in IU French language program; IUHPFL instructor (summer 2014)
Tutoring experienceTutored high school students in English while in France
Translating experienceMA in Translation (2011)
Alisha Reavesareaves
EducationBS, French and Linguistics, Tulane University; MA, International Affairs, The George Washington University; MA, French Linguistics, IU; MA, Second Language Studies, IU
Teaching experience3 years teaching in IU French Department including F100, F150, F115, F200 and F250; Currently teaching F316; 1 year ESL teaching at IU & 1 year EFL teaching in France; 1.5 years ESL teaching in Virginia
Tutoring experienceTutor online (via Skype) and in person for high school students
Translating experienceTranslated materials for National Conference of State Legislators website, both French-English and English-French
Special skillsSpecialization in second language acquisition
D. W. Rinkerdwrinker
EducationBA in French from Drury University; Current MA student in IUB’s French and Francophone studies department
Teaching experienceOne year as volunteer teaching assistant in International Baccalaureate high school French classroom; One semester teaching practicum for undergraduate beginner French course at Drury University; One semester employed by university as French Lab Assistant (Teaching Assistant) at Drury University
Tutoring experienceTutor for 7 semesters for undergraduates of all levels of French; Creator and director of French tutoring center at Drury University. 7 semesters as French table animator, and substitute animator for the professors at Drury University
Special skillsClassically trained organist
Cyntia Vernhetcvernhet
Native speakerYes
EducationMA, French, IU; MA How to teach french as a second langage Paris 7 Diderot (Paris), BA Archelogy Paris Sorbonne (Paris) Prep scholl Louis-le-Grand (Paris)
Teaching experience3 months teaching experience in French language program at Polytechnique (Paris)
Tutoring experienceTutored students in several subjetcts (mostly french and philosophy) during ten years
Special skillsFamiliar with archeology and philosophy vocabulary
Amanda Vredenburghamvreden
EducationMA, French Literature, New York University in Paris; BA French, Davidson College
Teaching experience1st year of teaching experience in IU French language program; Also taught English 1 year in France
Tutoring experienceTutored undergraduate students in French while at Davidson College and tutored high school students in English while in France
David Wagnerdkwagner
EducationMA, French, IU; BS French/Math, Hillsdale College (MI)
Teaching experience4 years teaching experience in IU French language program; 1 year experience teaching English in France
Tutoring experienceHave tutored students in French and Math since I was in high school
Special skillsHave musical and scientific training, so can help interpret French texts from those disciplines