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Foundations in Science and Mathematics
Summer Program for High School Students
Physics Department
Indiana University

This two week summer program is designed to help local students prepare for upcoming high school science and mathematics courses. It will emphasize important introductory concepts and tools in order to provide a strong foundation for later learning. All students are welcome to attend, but keep in mind that most of these courses are designed for students who will attend high school in the fall. New this semester, enroll in one course and get a second course for free! (Registration page to be updated soon!)

We are back and expanding again for the summer of 2015! This year will feature the addition of both a Geological Science course and a chemistry course in Food Chemistry. These courses are designed to provide summer enrichment and build a firm foundation for college courses.

To learn more, please attend one of our information sessions or email us.

Here are some things that students have said about FSM:

"I liked the fact that we can get a head start... because of this course, I think I'll feel more prepared and confident when the school actually starts."

"I liked the format of the classes and the personal attention I received as well as how in-depth the explanation was for each topic. I also enjoyed the friendliness of the instructor and the comfort of the classroom."

"I loved all the labs and hands on experiences we did. It really helped me understand why something worked."

"Our instructor was knowledegable and very helpful. He was friendly, and I was able to learn a lot from him. The class itself taught me some things that I did not know, and helped me refresh my memory of the things that I had forgotten."