Indiana University
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  • Please see the following for a map of the campus and building codes
  • We are excited to return for 2016 with an assortment of additional courses
  • You can also find us via Indiana University's new Pre-College Programs website!
  • FSM would like to thank the College of Arts and Sciences, the Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Astronomy Departments and the Indiana
  • We would also like to thank Rob de Ruyter, Louis Strigari, Caty Pilochowski, Adam Maltese, Rick Van Kooten, Adam Szczpaniak, Jordan Tillett, Jenny Stevens, Anne-Marie Foley, Glenda Bitner, Melissa Ward, Melissa Kocias, Dan Beeker and the Physics Department at IUB for providing support and guidance.
  • Finally, we would like to thank all the parents, students, and teachers who support us!