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Session 1 -- June 4-15

Course 1Course 2Course 3Course 4
9:00-11:00Intro ChemistryAlgebra IIIntro to Programming-
11:30-1:30--Intro to Universe-
1:45-3:45Intro PhysicsTrigonometry-Zoology
4:00-6:00Intro ChemistryAlgebra I-Forensics

Session 2 -- July 9-20

Course 1Course 2Course 3Course 4
9:00-11:00Accelerated BiologyStan. Math Test ReviewIntro to the Universe-
11:30-1:30Intro ChemistryTrigonometryIntro to ProgrammingForensics
1:45-3:45Intro ChemistryAlgebra IIntro BiologyOur Evolving World
4:00-6:00Intro PhysicsAlgebra IIFood ChemBrain Science

Rooms and Buildings may be located via the campus map

All classes meet three times each week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday