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Course Instructors


Daniel Gallimore
B.S. Physics - UNC Asheville
B.A. Applied Mathematics - UNC Asheville
Ph.D. student studying Nuclear Physics

AJ Rasmusson
B.S. Physics - Brigham Young University
Ph.D. student studying quantum materials through quantum simulation of a 2D trapped ion lattice


Sashary Ramos
B.S. Chemistry - San Diego State University
Graduate student developing multi-dimensional infrared spectroscopic techniques for the study of protein dynamics

Sundharraman Subramanian
B.Tech Industrial Biotechnology - SASTRA University-India
Ph.D student in Biochemistry studying bacterial motility and cancer biology


Seok Hyun Byun
B.S. Mathematical Science - College of Liberal Studies, Seoul National University
M.A. Mathematics - Indiana University
Ph.D. student studying algebraic and enumerative combinatorics.

Aditi Deodhar
B.S. Psychology - Indiana University
B.A. Mathematics - Indiana University
PhD student in Psychological and Brain Science studying the development of social cognition and social interaction during infancy and early childhood

Leah Frederick
B.S. Mathematics - Penn State University
B.M.A. Music Performance - Penn State University
PhD student in Music Theory studying mathematical applications to music theory

Sophia Vinci-Booher
B.S. Biomedical Engineering - Purdue University
B.A. French - Indiana University
Ph.D. Psychology and Nueral Science - Indiana University
Post-doctoral researcher in Psychological and Brain Sciences studying brain development

Jinqing Liu
M.A. Education - Tsinghua University
PhD student in Mathematics Education studing methods for improving student's mathematics performance.

Riddhi Sood
B.S. Biology - CSU East Bay
Graduate student studying DNA repair mechanisms used in Ovarian cancer stem cells

Pai Suksak
B.A. Mathematics - Pitzer College
M.A. Education (Mathematics Specialist) - Claremont Graduate University
Ph.D. student in Mathematics Education studying teaching practices for creating productive mathematical discussions in middle schoool classrooms


Michelle Murphy
B.A. Psychology - Franklin College
M.S. Biotechnology - Indiana University Bloomington
Graduate student studying the endocannabinoid system and neurological development

Biology/Environmental Science

Kimberly Cook
B.S. Animal Behavior - Indiana University
Graduate student studying changes in biodiversity information and its use over time

Megan Freiler
B.A. Biology - Washington University in St. Louis
Graduate student studying the evolution of communication and social behavior

Matt Gibson
B.S. Genetics - University of Kansas
Graduate student studying evolutionary genetics of wild tomato

Allissa Haney
B.S. Forensic Chemistry - Lake Superior State University
Graduate student studying the regulation and repair of DNA in cyanobacteria

Stephen Olney
B.S. Microbiology - Indiana University
Graduate student studying the regulation of bacterial motility

Ryan O'Loughlin
B.A. Sociology - University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
M.A. Philosophy - Ohio University
Graduate student studying philosophical, social, and conceptual issues in climate science

Alex Zimmerman
B.S. Geology - Lake Superior State University
Graduate student studying evolution and ecology of marine invertebrates through time

Computer Science

Brian Meagher
B.S. Human Development - Cornell University
Graduate student in psychology and statistics, studying the application of statistical models of category learning to real-world educational problems

Craig Sanders
B.S. Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Science - University of Michigan
Graduate student in Computer Science and Psychological and Brain Science studying ways to improve education using psychological theory and machine learning

Stephen Sher
B.S. Computer Engineering Computer Science - University of Southern California
M.S. Computer Science - Univeristy of Souther California
M.S. Informatics - Indiana University
Ph.D. student in Informatics studying online video game live stream culture.