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Kyle Hagner
B.S. Electrical Engineering - Purdue University
M.S. Electrical Engineering - Purdue University
M.S. Physics - Indiana University
Graduate student in Biophysics studying the evolution of protein architecture

Caleb Hughes
B.S. Physics - Murray State University
B.S. Math - Murray State University
Graduate student studying the Neutron Electric Dipole Moment (nEDM)

Joseph Mirabelli
B.S. in Engineering Physics at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
PhD student in high energy particle physics researching asymmetries in excited baryon channels through Jefferson National Laboratory

Daniel Monge
B.S. Physics - University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
B.S. Mathematics - University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Graduate student studying theoretical cosmology involving dark matter decay


Daniel Beckett
B.S. in Chemistry - The Ohio State University
PhD student in Theoretical Chemistry studying quantum chemical methods and computations.

Joanna Hogan
B.S. in Chemistry - Unversity of Arizona
PhD student in Chemistry developing ion optics for novel mass spectrometry instrumentation

Rachel Horness
B.A. in Chemistry - Kalamazoo College
PhD student in Chemistry studying the role of protein dynamics in molecular recognition by Src-homology 3 domains

Adam Kinne
B.S. Chemistry - Purdue University
M.S. Inorganic Chemistry - University of Texas, San Antonio
PhD student in Chemistry studying reactive organometallic species and inorganic spectroscopy

Sashary Ramos
B.S. Chemistry - San Diego State University
Graduate student in Chemistry developing multi-dimensional infrared spectroscopic techniques for the study of protein dynamics

Sundharraman Subramanian
B.Tech Industrial Biotechnology - SASTRA University-India
Ph.D student in Biochemistry studying bacterial motility and cancer biology


Aditi Deodhar
B.S. in Psychology - Indiana University
B.A. in Mathematics - Indiana University
PhD student in Psychological and Brain Science studying the development of social cognition and social interaction during infancy and early childhood

Leah Frederick
B.S. Mathematics - Penn State University
B.M.A. Music Performance - Penn State University
PhD student in Music Theory studying mathematical applications to music theory

Sophia Vinci-Booher
B.S. in Biomedical Engineering - Purdue University
B.A. in French - Indiana University
PhD student in Psychological and Brain Sciences studying the influence of action on perceptual brain development

Jinqing Liu
M.A. in Education - Tsinghua University
PhD student in Mathematics Education studing methods for improving student's mathematics performance.


Corrine Deegan
B.S. Physics - Rutgers University
B.S. Astrophysics - Rutgers University
M.S. Biophysics Indiana University
Graduate student studying motion detection in flies and humans

Samantha Faber
B.S. Mathematics - North Carolina State University
PhD student in Neuroscience and Psychology studying information transmission and processing in neural networks

Biology/Environmental Science

Joseph Biddle
B.S. Biology - Daemen College
B.A. Spanish - Daemen College
Graduate student studying evolutionary developmental biology.

Logan Cole
B.S. Biology - University at Buffalo
Graduate student studying genome evolution and phylogenetics.

Kerri Donohue
B.S. Biology - Long Island University
M.S. Biology - Long Island University
M.S. Adolescent Education: Earth Science - Long Island University
Graduate student studying science and environmental education

Lekeah Durden
B.S. Biology - New Mexico State University
Graduate student studying ecology and evolution with research interest in host-microbe interactions

Megan Freiler
B.A. Biology - Washington University in St. Louis
Graduate student studying the evolution of communication and social behavior

Venus Kuo
BS Integrative Biology Honors - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Graduate student in Biology studying microbial dormancy and plant-microbe interactions

Sara Metcalf
B.S. Molecular Genetics - The Ohio State University
Graduate student studying the maintenance of genome integrity

Rose Massey
B.A. Biology - Austin College
Graduate student studying the interaction of metabolism and cancer

Kathleen Munley
B.S. Marine Biology - University of Miami
B.A. Creative Writing - University of Miami
Graduate student in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior program studying behavioral endocrinology, sensory biology, and neuroethology.

Maureen Onyeziri
B.S. Microbiology - Lagos State University
Graduate student in Microbiology studying mechanism of unipolar polysaccharide production in a model alphaproteobacterium

Erik Parker
B.S. Biology - University of Oregon
Graduate student studying evolutionary relationships between animals and their microbial communities

Will Shoemaker
B.S. Biology - James Madison University
Graduate student studying microbial population genetics and eco-evolutionary dynamics

Riddhi Sood
B.S. Biology - CSU East Bay
Graduate student studying DNA repair mechanisms used in Ovarian cancer stem cells

Melene Thompson
B.A. Biology - Luther College
Graduate student studying bacterial motility and biofilm formation

Computer Science

Craig Sanders
B.S. Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Science - University of Michigan
Graduate student in Computer Science and Psychological and Brain Science studying ways to improve education using psychological theory and machine learning

JT Wolohan
B.S. Communication and Rhetorical Studies - Syracuse University
PhD student in Information Science studying the intersection of language, technology, and identity