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Kyle Hagner
M.S. Electrical Engineering - Purdue University
B.S. Electrical Engineering - Purdue University
Graduate student in Biophysics studying the evolution of protein architecture

Blake Forland
M.S. Physics - Indiana University
B.S. Physics - Metro State University of Denver
Graduate student studying Yukawa matrix randomization and the origin of fermion mass.


Kimberly McCoy
B.S. Cellular Biology and Biopsychology - Western State College of Colorado
Graduate student studying bio-inspired nanomaterials.

Roshan Laamichhane
B.S. Chemistry - University of Evansville
M.S. Chemistry - Indiana University
Graduate student studying Instruction and Curriculum.

Jing Yang
B.S. Chemistry - Beijing Normal University
Graduate student studying theoretical and physical chemistry.


Dami Lee
B.S. in Mathematics - Korea University
Graduate student studying differential geometry

Aditi Deodhar
B.S. in Psychology- Indiana University
B.A. in Mathematics- Indiana University
PhD student in Psychological and Brain Science studying the development of social cognition and social interaction during infancy and early childhood.

Sophia Vinci-Booher
B.S. in Biomedical Engineering - Purdue University
B.A. in French - Indiana University
PhD student in Psychological and Brain Sciences studying the influence of action on perceptual brain development

Ryan Vitale
B.S. in Mathematics - Cleveland State University
M.S. in Mathematics - Cleveland State University
Graduate student studying algebra

Sukanya "Pai" Suksak
B.A. Mathematics - Pitzer College
M.A. in Teacher Education in Mathematics - Claremont University
Graduate student in Mathematics Education studying students' algebraic reasoning and secondary school mathematics.

Kellyn M. Patros
B.S. Chemistry - University of Connecticut
Graduate student investigating atmospheric physical chemistry.

Jinqing Liu
M.A. in Education - Tsinghua University
PhD student in Mathematics Education studing methods for improving student's mathematics performance.

Daniel Simpson
B.S. in Biology - University of Texas at San Antonio
M.S. in Applied Mathematics - University of Texas at San Antonio
PhD student in Informatics studying methods for evolving neural networks using genetic algorithms.


Andrew Burrage
B.S. Chemistry - University of Florida
Ph.D. Microbiology and Immunology - Loyola University Chicago
Postdoc studying bacterial motility and flagellar assembly

Austin Becker
B.S. Biology - Allegheny College
Graduate student studying impact of DNA transfer and maintenance in bacteria.

Logan Cole
B.S. Biology - University at Buffalo
Graduate student studying genome evolution and phylogenetics.

Kate Hummels
B.S. in Microbiology - University of Iowa
B.A. in Studio Art - University of Iowa
Graduate student studying bacterial motility on surfaces.

Briana K. Whitaker
B.S. in Biology - University of North Carolina
Graduate student studying plant-microbial ecology and evolutionary biology.

Kerri Donohue
B.S. Biology - Long Island University
M.S. Biology - Long Island University
M.S. Adolescent Education: Earth Science - Long Island University
Graduate student studying science and environmental education

Daniel Schwab
B.S. Biology - College of William & Mary
Graduate student studying evolutionary developmental biology and ecology.

Lekeah Durden
B.S. Biology - New Mexico State University
Graduate student studying ecology and evolution with research interest in host-microbe interactions.


Karna Desai
B.S. in Astronomy - University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
PhD Candidate in Astronomy studying Gravitational Instabilities in Protoplanetary Disks

Computer Science

Rishikesh Pandey
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering - Uttar Pradesh Tech University
Graduate Student in Computer Science at Indiana University

Jaimie Murdock B.S. Computer Science - Indiana University
B.S. Cognitive Science - Indiana University
PhD Student in Informatics & Cognitive Science studying the interaction of individual and collective behavior in creativity