3 Foundations in Science and Mathematics: Summer Program for High School Students | Indiana University Bloomington
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To enroll for FSM courses, visit our registration page and complete the form.

The course registration fee is $35 per course, and students earn an additional enrollment with every paid enrollment!
For example: pay $35 enroll in two courses, pay $70 and enroll in four courses!

Use promo code FSM35 when registering for 2-3 courses, FSM70 for 4-5, and FSM105 for 6 courses

To use a promo code: Select your desired classes, and then on the payment screen, enter the promo code where indicated and click Apply. (It is very important that you click Apply, or the discount will not be applied.)

Parking permits are available upon request for $11/week ($22 for a full course) (Note: The parking garages operate until 7 PM Mon-Thurs and 6 PM on Friday)

If you would like to be added to or removed from the e-mail list, you can contact us at fsm at indiana.edu.