The Future of School Psychology


E-Forum    The purpose of the E-Forum is to provide a place for conference participants to communicate. Unlike a listserve, the discussion is "threaded" meaning that messages are organized by topic. All documents developed as a result of small group interactions will be posted in the E-Forum. (Tutorial on How to Use E-Forum)

Focus Group Questionnaire    This questionnaire provides an opportunity for input prior to the conference. You will be able to give conference participants your perceptions about the needs in your school district. You may suggest directions for the future.

Focus Group Summary Preliminary findings from focus groups and input recieved via the above web input form.

Participant Feedback Form:

Thomas Kratochwill, September, 19, 2002
Michael Curtis, November 14, 2002
Robert Sternberg, November 14, 2002
Deborah Crockett, November 15, 2002
Sandra Christenson, November 15, 2002

Conference Overall Feedback



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