The Future of School Psychology


Selected Essays

Desrochers, John E. It is the demand side of the equation that may offer the greatest potential for solutions to the problem, though the field will have to decide whether it has the political will to attempt to reduce the demand for our services (as currently practiced) and risk a halt to the rapid growth of school psychology that we have seen over the last twenty-five years.

Doll, Beth I believe that we ought to conduct our work with an eye to the rest of the world ...We are an international profession, and we can learn from and contribute to our counterparts in other nations.

Kitson, Jennifer The current administration's position of "Leave No Child Behind" and the President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health are but two examples of current government positions that could greatly impact funding mechanisms and practice of school psychology services.

Sheridan, Sue To meet the increasing demands for service, it is evident that school psychologists must operate from systems-ecological perspectives, conceptualizing roles and responsibilities as permeating the multiple contexts and systems...

Stoner, Gary To meet the demands for service in the 21st century, school psychology will need to continue to adapt itself in new ways. Chief among these adaptations will need to be a major commitment to prevention as a primary mode of orientation and practice.

Warner, Steve School Psychologists should be involved more in district-level initiatives and systems-level intervention...I have been involved in the establishment of a mentoring program at my elementary school.

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