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Vision & Goals

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In Creating our Future(s), it is paramount to consider critical skills and fundamental bases of knowledge required for competent practice. In our multi-faceted, multi-directional profession, how do we meet the academic and social-emotional needs of children who face ever-changing challenges? How do we flex and adapt our skills to prepare for the future of school psychology?

Is this vision for our future, we must consider the critical skills needed for school psychologists to:

  • Bolster academic, behavioral, and social-emotional instruction in the realm of school accountability.
  • Support schools and children in crisis and children facing trauma to address academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs.
  • Develop collaboration and consultation skills needed to team effectively with professionals and parents locally, nationally, and across the globe.
  • Build skills to advocate and prepare for school-based mental health services, such as social-emotional learning and group/individual counseling in schools.
  • Promote practice that is culturally competent across realms of academic and social behavior.
  • Provide supervision and foster supervision skills needed to prepare school psychologists for effective practice.
  • Influence effective local, state, national, and international systems-level change.
  • Build the technology competence required to support all of our critical skills, such as connectivity for collaboration and global access.

The broad conference goals to create our future for critical skills needed by school psychologists include:

  1. Define critical skills needed by school psychologists.
  2. Identify local, state, national, and global strengths that will promote professional development of critical skills needed by school psychologists.
  3. Identify local, state, national, and global challenges that will inhibit professional development of critical skills needed by school psychologists.
  4. Identify resources in existing structures (e.g., professional organizations, local and state education agencies, research, graduate programs) that will support professional development of critical skills needed by school psychologists.
  5. Identify systems-level and individual opportunities to research, promote, and demonstrate critical skills needed by school psychologists.

Archived Webinar (October 26, 2012)

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Collaboration & Consultation

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Systems-level Change

  • Quick Reads
    • Meyers, A. B., Meyers, J., Graybill, E. C., Proctor, S. L., & Huddleston, L. (2012). Ecological approaches to organizational consultation and systems change in educational settings. Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation, 22, 106-124.


  • Quick Reads
    • Loveland, T. (2012). Professional development plans for technology education: Accountability-based applications at the secondary and post-secondary level. Technology and Engineering Teacher, 71, 26-31.
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