Group Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or Continuing Education (CE) Credit

Organizations may consider providing continuing professional development (CPD) or continuing education (CE) credit if they are hosting a GROUP of attendees for the 2012 School Psychology Futures Conference to view the live or archived conference webinars.  Host sites should determine the CPD/CE requirements of their organization. The individual host site is responsible for meeting all requirements and providing its own CPD/CE documentation to its group attendees.  Conference attendees at group sites should contact the host site for more information.

(Note: Materials on this website, including descriptions of speakers, presentations, learning objectives, etc., may provide information that will assist host sites with addressing CPD/CE requirements of their particular organizations.  However, the associations that are sponsoring the Futures Conference, such as NASP, APA Division 16, CDSPP, etc., will not award credit or issue CPD/CE documentation directly to attendees. The host sites themselves are responsible for providing CPD/CE credit for the group attendees). 

Host Sites that are NASP- or APA-Approved Providers of CPD/CE, Including School Psychology Gradaute Programs

Host sites may provide NASP-approved CPD or APA-approved CE for their groups (for viewing either live or archived webinars), if the host sites are approved-CPD/CE providers. Host sites are responsible for addressing all requirements for NASP or APA approved-providers, including assurance that all procedural guidelines of the NASP- and APA-Approved Provider Programs are met.

NASP- or APA-approved CPD/CE documentation may only be provided by organizations/group sites that currently maintain status as a NASP- and/or APA-approved provider of CPD/CE. Note that all school psychology graduate programs that hold NASP-approved status are also considered NASP-approved CPD providers of professional development.

The following resources may assist host sites that are NASP- or APA-approved providers:

National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) Requirements for Approved CPD Providers

American Psychological Association (APA) Continuing Education (CE) Sponsors