The Future of School Psychology


Invitational Conference on the Future of School Psychology (2002)


1) I think the most pressing issue...

a) in educating children is

b) with children's mental health in schools is

c) with families is

d) in school is

e)in school psychology is

f) in graduate training of school psychologists is

2) According to current and projected demographics, school psychology in the United States is approaching a significant shortage of psychologists to meet the needs of children and schools. Briefly describe the nature and impact of the shortage in your own work setting.

3) Please describe how you believe school psychology should respond to our personnel shortage.

4) Do you expect the practice of school psychology to change in the next ten years? If so, how?

Please provide the following information for statistical summary purposes only
Years of Experience in the Field:
Gender: Female Male
Age:            Ethnicity:
Current Job Title:
Work Setting: Public school              University
                    Community MH Center other

School Setting: Rural Suburban Urban
State in which you work:

If you work for a school district or area agency, what is the ratio of school psychologists to students in your work setting (e.g., 1 school psychologist to 1500 students): school psychologist(s) to students

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First Name: Last Name (Optional)



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