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Information for Remote Sites

There are two ways to view the conference presentations over the Internet. One way is to use H.323 videoconferencing (on Polycom or a comparable videoconferencing unit). Videoconferencing requires specialized equipment and will produce a sharper video image. Another way to see the Indianapolis sessions will be to view them using a computer connected to the Internet by RealOne Player or Media Player. High speed connections to the Internet (T-1, cable modem, or DSL) will yield better video than a computer connected through a 56K modem. Audio should be satisfactory regardless of the speed of the connection. The links on this page are intended for those viewing the Indianapolis sessions at group sites. If you wish to view the conference as an individual, see webcast.

VideoConferencing Technical Information for November 8 Test

VideoConferencing/WebCast Troubleshooting Information

CPD Informal Self-Study

Suggested Preparations BEFORE the Conference for

groups using H.323/320 videoconferencing (Polycom or a comparable)

groups using RealOne Player or comparable player

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