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Training Modules - New Spring 2006

The Futures Online Learning Modules integrate the outcomes and methods of the 2002 Conference on the Future of School Psychology with more recent recources. The goal of the online learning modules is to assist with preservice and inservice education in school psychology, including group and independent learning activities. The module materials below are FREE OF CHARGE and you may adapt or revise them to meet the needs of your courses, workshops, inservices, indpendent self-study, or other professional development needs.

Read the "Module Guidelines" in the file below before using these modules. The modules are available in Word documents, which will allow you to access the main text of the modules, plus appendices of reading materials and worksheets for problem solving. The Word documents are the main components of the learning modules and should be read by everyone using the modules. You may view the modules online or download and save the modules to your computer.

The additional PowerPoint slide shows below accompany the online learning modules and may be useful in group activities. You may view the PowerPoints online or download and save the PowerPoints to your computer. The PowerPoints have associated Word documents that contain forms and worksheets that are linked to the PowerPoints. If you wish to access the Word documents during a PowerPoint slide show, you must first save ALL the Word and PowerPoints files for a module to your computer. Be sure to place all the files in the same folder. Then, open the PowerPoint presentation that was saved on your computer and when instructed, click "UPDATE LINKS."

Guidelines for the use of Modules (Word doc)

Module I: Introduction: The Future of School Psychology (Word doc)
------ Module I Powerpoint
--------- Module I attachment 1, attachment 2

Module II: School Psychology Personnel Shortages and Service Delivery
------ Module II Powerpoint download all attachments too
--------- Module II attachment 1, attachment 2, attachment 3, attachment 4

Module III: Children and School Psychology
------ Module III Powerpoint download all attachments too
--------- Module III attachment 1, attachment 2, attachment 3,
--------- Module III attachment 4, attachment 5

Module IV: Families and School Psychology
------ Module IVPowerpoint
--------- Module IV attachment 1, attachment 2, attachment 3,
--------- Module IV attachment 4, attachment 5

Module V: Schools and School Psychology
------ Module V Powerpoint download all attachments too
--------- Module V attachment 1, attachment 2, attachment 3,
--------- Module V attachment 4, attachment 5

Module VI: School Psychology Today and Tomorrow: Next Steps?
------ Module VI Powerpoint
--------- Module VI attachment 1, attachment 2, attachment 3

Futures Goals

Priority Goals ; Master List of 54 Goals ; Comprehensive List of Futures Goals

PowerPoint Presentations

APA Symposium (Aug 2003);
Summary Presentation (July, 2003);
ASP Town Hall Meeting (April, 2003);
Virginia Smith Harvey (Nov 2002) Finding Creative Solutions;
Chryse Hatzichristou (Nov 2002) From Chaos to Resolutions: Transnational Perspective
Gena N. Ehrhardt (Nov 2002) From Chaos Come Resolutions: Student Perspective;
Jennifer Kitson (Nov 2002)
Practitioners :To Change or Not To Change
Joel Meyers (Nov 2002) Reflections on the Futures Conference from the Perspective of a School Psychology Educator
2002 Keynote PowerPoints (Christenson, Crockett, Curtis, Kratochwill, & Sternberg)


Participant reflections on the 2002 Conference

Background Materials (from 2002 Conference)

Content analysis of essays submitted by Indianapolis participants, and a sampling essays by Indianapolis participants.

Overriding Principles and Critical Outcomes for Children, Schools and Families Futures conference participants were asked to identify critical outcomes for children, schools, and families. Subgroups of the Indianapolis participants and groups from remote sites nominated and then assign priority to outcomes. From the responses the conference co-planners and facilitators identified overriding principles.

Background Readings for each presentation.

Additional Recommended Readings to be read before the conference

Preliminary findings from focus groups (March - Nov 2002) and input received via the web input form.

CPD Informal Self-Study






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