What the course comprises
What occurs within the class
Details of the recommended class text

A summary of course objectives, the sequence of topics and themes and the course components

What the lectures cover

How learning in the course is assessed

Who to contact for more information

Class Contacts

  • Instructor:
    • Simon Brassell, Professor of Geological Sciences 
    • email: simon@indiana.edu (use this address for class questions)
    • phone:  855-3786 
    • office:  GY313 (Geology Building) 
    • office hours: Thursdays 1:20 to 2:20 p.m., or by appointment.
  • Associate Instructor:
    • Liming Zhu, Graduate Student in Geological Sciences 
    • email: limzhu@indiana.edu 
    • office:  GY229 (Geology Building) 
    • office hours: By appointment.

Comments on Instructor Responsibilities and Student Learning
  • Our main goal is to develop your understanding of ocean science.
  • We want you to succeed in this class, please let us help you in this endeavor.
  • Make use of the resources available:
    • Text, on-line study guide, visuals, and instructors.
    • If you are unsure about any class material, please ask for clarification. 
    • Ask for help with the web-based exercises if you're unsure about the questions. Don't waste hours of time struggling to answer them.
    • If you have problems with access to Oncourse contact UITS. 
    • I always try to provide prompt responses to email messages, unless the answer can be readily found on the class web pages - ALWAYS check the web first.
  • Please follow simple guidelines for email etiquette:
    • Always include a title in the subject line, preferrably referencing G131.
      • Messages without a subject may be mistaken as spam and deleted without being read.
    • Send all messages to simon@indiana.edu 
    • Always check for information on the class web pages first. 
      • You are less likely to receive a prompt reply if the answer to your enquiry is readily accessible among information on the web.
    • Always begin your message by addressing the intended recipient(s).
      • Start your message by acknowledging the addressee, e.g. Hi Simon, Dear Professor, etc.
      • Email messages sometimes get sent to the wrong person or to an incorrect address.
    • Always author your message with your name.
      • This helps us to identify the author of the message - not all email addresses are self-explanatory. and
      • It informs us how you preferred to be addressed. 
  • Office hours operate on a first-come, first-served basis, no appointment is necessary. 
  • If the set times for office hours aren't convenient for you, please contact us by email to arrange a separate, mutually convenient time for an appointment.
  • Communication is vital. 
    • Please keep me informed about illnesses and absences.
    • Please notify us immediately if you're unable to fulfill any of the class requirements. 
    • Our willingness to accept late assignments and facilitate alternate arrangements is directly proportional to the timeliness of the request!

  • You are encouraged to discuss the Exercises and the Reflective Questions with classmates, and the groups are intended to faciltiate that process.
    • Note, however, that your answers are intended to represent your individual effort in completing the exercise assignments. All your answers to the final questions MUST be written in your own choice of words.
    • I reserve the right to award zero points to students who submit identical answers to the written questions.
  • Note: Consultation with other students for the timed is On-line Quizzes is NOT permitted. These assignments are designd to test what you learnt from the exercise and should to be answered individually..
  • All of the written examinations are closed book, but you are welcome to consult the information on the maps on the classroom walls.

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