What the course comprises
What occurs within the class
Details of the recommended class text

A summary of course objectives, sequence of topics and themes and course components

What the lectures cover

How learning in the course is assessed

Who to contact for more information

Course Information

  • The sequence of pages provide general information on the course, including details of the class format, recommended text, contents, assignments and methods of assessment.

Course Format
  • Class sessions and course components comprise:
    • Lectures that incorporate discussion sessions focused on web-based exercises, on-line quizzes and exams, as follows:
  • Two Lectures each week, comprising instruction and discussion:
    • TR 12:20 - 1:10 p.m. in GY126 for Spring Semester 2007
    • Explanation of oceanographic concepts and principles that include:
      • question/answer format for discussion of components of major topics.
      • learning prompts for discussions to reinforce understanding of key points.
    • Review sessions for written exams (mini exams, mid-term & final).
    • Lecture materials are posted as pdf files within Oncourse.
    • The class resources page includes:
      • in-class questions and learning prompts.
      • links to publisher's on-line study guide for the text.
  • Reflective questions on five sets of lecture topics, based on learning prompts, are completed to reinforce key course objectives.
    • Issued and answered using Oncourse on the following schedule:
      • Tues., Jan.30 - Tues., Feb. 6.
      • Tues., Feb. 20 - Tues., Feb. 27.
      • Tues., Mar. 20 - Tues., Mar. 27.
      • Tues., Apr. 10 - Tues., Apr. 17.
      • Tues., Apr. 24 - Tues., May 1.
  • Written Exams consisting of short answer/multiple choice questions.
    • Short exams are scheduled for Tuesday, February 6 and April 3.
    • Mid-term exam is scheduled for Tuesday, March 6.
    • Final Exam is scheduled for Thursday, May 3 from 7:15 - 9:15 p.m.
  • Three On-line Quizzes independent from formal class sessions.
    • Scheduled to be taken between:
      • Thursday, Feb. 15 - Tuesday, Feb. 20.
      • Thursday, Mar. 8 - Tuesday, Mar. 20.
      • Tuesday Apr. 5 - Tuesday Apr. 10.
  • Final Examination consisting of short answer/multiple choice questions.
    • Scheduled for Thursday, May 3 from 7:15 - 9:15 p.m.
  • One Discussion session each week focused on internet Exercises:
    • Tues  (1:25 - 2:15 p.m.) in GY126 for Spring Semester 2007
    • exploration of exercises through explanations and group discussions. 
    • focus on series of exercise sets utilizing internet resources.

Course Text
  • Title: "Oceanography: an invitation to marine science" 5th edition, published 2005. (There are a few changes compared to the 4th edition, published 2002)
  • Author: Tom Garrison. 
  • Publisher: Brooks/Cole. ISBN 0-534-37557-X.
  • The publisher has a website for the Text that provides supplementary information.
  • I recommend that you purchase the text if your personal style of learning benefits from reading a narrative and explanatory account of course materials.


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