Tuesday, March 30

Reports on Western Zhou Bronze Inscriptions

The groups scheduled for Tuesday presentations are:

GROUP A on WAR:  Records of Wars and Military Organization & Leadership:

Period 1:  Dan Scheldrup
Period 2:  Marcus McCain
Period 3: Sean Ritter
Period 4: Zhen Chen

Group D on SOCIAL DIVISIONS: Evidence of Patrician Clan Patterns, Women's Roles, and Relations With Non-Zhou and Non-Elite Peoples:

Period 1: Wade Bunnell
Period 2: Sam Corrado
Period 3:  Kevin Brown
Period 4: Claire Bidwell

GROUP E on AUTHORITY: Patterns in Official Appointment, Political Tensions, Tribute and Taxation:

Period 1: Cai Jingjing
Period 2: Nathan Miller
Period 3: Katie Wright
Period 4: Zachary Johnson