Guide for Written Work

This page concerns expectations for the formal aspects of your typed written assignments.  It is a general guide, and not all aspects apply to every assignment - for example, Journal assignments do not normally require citations or bibliographies, covered in Part II, Section 12. Your work on written assignments will be graded principally on the content of your ideas and their clarity of expression. However, improving your writing skills is an important aspect of all college written work, and papers that include many errors in basic form, grammar, and spelling will be graded lower.

There are three principal ways to strengthen your control of written work: first, take the formal aspects of your writing seriously and devote time to focusing on them; second, visit the Writing Tutorial Services for help on improving your writing; third, consult this page as you write.

This page includes sections dealing with two different types of issues:

Part I: Formulating and Conveying the Substance of Your Ideas includes a series of points about how to prepare your ideas, organize them, present them, and reflect on your work.

Part II: Written Form deals with issues of basic written form, and includes the following exciting categories: