HOMEWORK #2              NAME________________________

Below is another poem selected from the Book of Poetry.  Print out this page. 

Close reading: Mark and make a note on this sheet about words or phrases in this poem that seem important, puzzling, or that seem to provide information that we would need to notice in order to understand the poem or its cultural context.

Analysis: Note how the poem is structured - divide it into component parts, if you can, and indicate how these parts contribute to the poem's force.

Interpretation: Don't try to interpret the poem (that is, don't try to say what it means, in its original context or any other). Just show you're "listening" closely to what it says, and looking to see how it is put together.

Print out this page, write your comments, and hand this in at the start of class, Friday, August 31.

The Wind

How the wind starts to blow!

How the chariots rush!

Looking back on the road,

There is rue in my heart.

How the wind starts to whirl!

How the chariots dash!

Looking back on the road,

There is grief in my heart.

Whosoever steams a fish

Must plunge it in the pot.

Whosoever heads back west,

Send them word I am well.