G380 Online Readings


Qin and Early Han China


The Qin Dynasty

The Laws of Qin

The Rise of the Han 

The Reigns of the Early Han Emperors

Huang-Lao Ideology

Yin-Yang Five-Forces Theory During the Han

The Arts of the Fangshi

The Reign of Wu-di, 141-87

The Fortunes of Confucianism During the Early Han

Sima Qian and Our View of Early China

The Yi jing

The Spring and Autumn Annals

PART I:    Spring and Autumn China
PART II:   Warring States China
: The Shang & Western Zhou

Additional Online Translations
    The Analects of Confucius

    The Mencius
    The Dao de jing

    Zhuangzi: "Inner Chapters"
    The Great Learning
    The Doctrine of the Mean