A List of Significant Dates and Names for the Spring & Autumn Period

(many are still in dispute, but we will adopt these)

771 Fall of the Western capital--beginning of the Eastern Zhou

707 Zhou king's armies crushed by Zheng--end of Zhou pretense of power

680 The assembly of Juan--Duke Huan of Qi becomes first Hegemon

680-643 Hegemony of Duke Huan--era of Guan Zhong

632-628 Hegemony of Duke Wen of Jin--stablization of Jin politics

584 The alliance between Jin and Wu is formed

551-479 Lifetime of Confucius of Lu

546 The peace of Xiang Xu

506 The invasion of Chu by Wu

482 The hegemony of King Fu-chai of Wu & the invasion of Wu by Yue

453 The division of Jin into three states: Zhao, Han, and Wei



Duke Huan of Qi (r. 685-643)

Guan Zhong (Guan Yi-wu; Guan-zi): prime minister to Duke Huan

Duke Wen of Jin (Chong-er; r. 637-628)

Qu Wu-chen: Jin minister who negotiated alliance with Wu (584)

Xiang Xu: Song minister who brokered "Peace" of 546

Confucius (551-479)

Yan Hui (Confucius's disciple, d. c. 480)

King Ling of Chu (r. 540-529)

Wu Zi-xu: refugee minister to Wu, 522-485

King He-lü of Wu (r. 514-496)

King Fu-chai of Wu (r. 495-476)

King Gou-jian of Yue (r. 496-c.465)