Western Zhou Research Groups

Within each group, the chronological range of inscriptions that should be explored by each group member will break down as follows:

Period 1: Eras of Kings Wu, Cheng, and Kang texts (inscriptions #1-37), pp. 5-26

Period 2: Eras of Kings Zhao, Mu, and Gong (inscriptions # 38-72), pp. 27-45

Period 3: Era of Kings Y, Xiao, Y , and Li (inscriptions #73-107), pp. 46-66

Period 4: "Gong-He" era, eras of Kings Xuan and You; Spring-Autumn text (inscriptions #108-130), pp. 67-84

Group Assignments

GROUP A on LAW:  Evidence of Laws, Punishment, Contractual Forms, Dispute Adjudication:

Period 1:  Cadence Baugh  

Period 2:  Thomas Beaver

Period 3:  Shu Wu

Period 4:  Sam Haskell

GROUP B on LAND:  Evidence of "Feudalism" and Land Owning Patterns

Period 1:  Bryce Herndon

Period 2:  Allessandra Watson

Period 3:  Nick Risner

Period 4:  Andrew Kloosterhuis

GROUP C on RELIGION:  Court Ceremony; Religious Beliefs, Prayers, and Practices:  

Period 1:  Jon Bratt

Period 2:  William McLane

Period 3: ------------------

Period 4:  Will Vuylsteke

GROUP D on AUTHORITY: Patterns in Official Appointment, Political Tensions, Tribute and Taxation:

Period 1:  Grace Jaroscak

Period 2:  Jeff Knudson

Period 3:  Tom Gustafson

Period 4:  Jed Wilcox

GROUP E on WAR:  Records of Wars, Military Organization & Leadership, and Relations with Non-Zhou Peoples:

Period 1:  Frank Linville

Period 2:  Thomas Rickard

Period 3:  Blake Smith

Period 4:  Colleen Good