Wednesday, October 10

Reading assignment:  Preface to Readings on Pre-Classical China; The Discovery of the Shang

You are, of course, all working on your midterm exams this weekend, so I don't expect much in the way of preparation for Tuesday.  If you have time, you'll find the one-page "Introduction" and pages 1-4 and 14-15 of the "Discovery" reading assigned here easy reading and a way to become oriented to the issues we will address in "Unit 2" in a very general way. 

Bear in mind, G380 does not follow chronological order.  Rearranged in chronological order, the course units look like this:

Neolithic / pre-historic -- c. 5000-1500           UNIT #2, part 2                    
Shang c. 1500-1045                                       UNIT #2, parts 1 and 3          Here's where we're going now, esp. c. 1250-1045
Western Zhou  1045-771                               UNIT #2, part 4                    
Classical 771-221                                          UNIT #1                                This is where we're coming from.                      
Qin - early Han 221- c. 100                           UNIT #3                                

As you can see, in Unit #2 we do some jumping around.  Basically, all this means is that after we become acquainted enough with the Shang to have some concrete sense what the question, "Hey, where did the Shang come from?" entails, we spend a little time answering that question (as best we can).  Then we go back to complete our picture of the Shang, and move on to the Western Zhou -- all of which answers the question, "Where did Classical China come from?"


                                           We are here now                                                            We were here before
. . . Neolithic    (Xia?)                SHANG                  Western Zhou                               CLASSICAL                    Qin         Early Han
                               c. 1500                                 1045                         771   Spring-Autumn    453 Warring States     221  206