Wednesday, November 7

Reading Assignment:  The Qin Revolution, pp. 8-27

The reading on post-Conquest Qin is more comprehensive than most, and I won't repeat its basic elements here.  Note that as in course Unit 1, there are once again study questions and key term lists at the close of each reading, which you should use to organize your reading before you begin it.

The outline for Monday's class will largely follow the reading. Bear in mind that as we study the form of the Qin Dynasty - the shortest lived of all dynastic houses ruling over a unified Chinese state, we are studying the invention of the blue print for all future Chinese dynasties and states.

Post-Conquest Qin
         Abrogation of feudalism
            Centralization of power -- the Emperor
                    Identification of National Projects
            National projects
                    Expansion -- the Xiong-nu
                    Construction -- the Great Wall; road system
                    Mutual responsibility
                    Absolute nature of punishments -- ruthlessness
            Intellectual totalitarianism
                    Burning the books & burying the scholars