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G562 Geometric Morphometrics

P. David Polly
Department of Geological Sciences
Indiana University
1001 E. 10th Street
Bloomington, IN 47405 USA

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Quantitative Paleontology is the practical application of quantitative analysis to paleontology, including the analysis of diversity through time, analysis of diversity in space, analysis of morphological disparity, and reconstruction of phylogenetic relationships.  Skills include Monte Carlo statistical tests, analysis of large data sets, use of relational SQL databases, and the application of finite element analysis to paleontological problems.

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Lecture 1

Week 1 - Introduction

Course overview and software installation.
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Week 2 - MySQL and Mathematica

Introduction to software, SQL queries, Mathematica interface, programming, and data queries.

See handouts in upper right column of this page.
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Mathematica Quantitative Paleontology Package

Download Quantitative Paleontology for Mathematica and other Mathematica packages here.


Getting Started with MySQL
SQL primer
Getting Started with Mathematica
Mathematica Quick Guide

Data files

Carnivore limb measurements [CSV]

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Online Paleontological Data

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