Activity 5

In this activity, you will design a simple single-factor experiment to investigate a problem related to the perception or production of rhythmic patterns. As with earlier activities, you are free to collaborate with other students in the class, as long as you let us know. You may come up with the problem to be investigated yourself or select from the following list: Your report on your experiment proposal should answer the following. It should be about 3 pages along and should be typed.
  1. Describe in a paragraph or two why this topic is interesting and how it relates to other areas in the study of rhythm.
  2. Specify a hypothesis, a statement of what sort of result you would predict.
  3. Say what the independent and dependent variables in the experiment are.
  4. Tell how you will run the experiment.
  5. Tell what sort of results, positive and negative, that you might get from the experiment.

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