Activity 6

In this activity, you will learn about how production systems work by experimenting with a program which implements a simple production system model of meter assignment. As with earlier activities, you are free to collaborate with other students in the class, as long as you let us know.

To learn about the model and how to run it, see this page from the lecture.

  1. For each of the following periodic patterns, create the pattern (option 0 in the program menu) and run the production system for 60 epochs (select option 1 in the program menu 3 times). Because there is some randomness in the way rules are selected, you may want to run a pattern twice. Then answer the following questions:

  2. Suggest two ways in which you think the model could be improved so that it comes closer to human performance. These could involve the rules themselves, the way in which rules are selected on each cycle, or the way in which patterns are represented. Be as specific as possible, explaining why you believe these changes would improve the performance.

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