L103 Discussion: Week 1

L103 Discussion Week 1:
What linguists do

What counts as linguistic data

  1. She doesn't tolerate any insolence from anybody.
  2. She don't take no shit from nobody.

Standard and non-standard dialects

  • In what sense is a standard dialect special?
  • How does a standard dialect get special?
  • Why do non-standard dialects lack prestige?
  • How do people justify what's "wrong" with non-standard dialects?
  • What standard should we be using to judge dialects and other varieties?
  • Where is the line between dialects?
  • How do we decide what's part of a standard dialect?

Grammaticality and acceptability

  • Relative to a particular dialect
  • Based on what people actually say rather than what somebody says they should say
    1. Who did you give it to?
    2. There's somebody at the door. Can you see what they want?
    3. There's three of them in this cup here.
    4. He lent it to Phil and I.
    5. Phil and me will be there.