L103: Level-1 Topics L103

Level-1 topics


  1. Distinguish ungrammatical/unacceptable language, inappropriate or ineffective language, non-standard (stigmatized) language, and errors.

Word meaning

  1. Show that you understand what semantic dimensions are in the domain of personal pronouns, kinship terms, (or scalar adjectives)..

Word forms

  1. Given a set of words illustrating two or more allophones of a phoneme in a language, identify the complementary phonetic contexts (in as general terms as possible) for the allophones.
  2. Given a set of words illustrating two phones in a language, identify minimal pairs (or near minimal pairs) that demonstrate the phones belong to separate phonemes in the language.
  3. Identify and describe examples of phonological assimilation.


  1. Given an adjective + noun or noun + noun phrase, say what aspects of the meaning are derivable by composition and what aspects, if any, must be remembered or inferred from other knowledge.


  1. Given a sentence, say what the semantic roles of the referents of the noun phrases in the sentence are and how the syntactic roles in the sentence map onto the semantic roles.

Grammatical categories

  1. Given a set of words in a language other than English together with the meanings of the words, find the morphemes making up the words, and be able to generate new combinations of the morphemes given a set of meanings for a word.

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