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Gender Studies is a transdisciplinary department engaging students in the study of gender and the intersection of gender with other substantive categories of analysis and identity, including race, sexuality, class, disability, and nationality. Our curriculum offerings push students beyond commonsense accounts of gender to examine its complex constructions in our different historical epochs, in various cultural arenas, and varying global processes. Gender Studies engages with a wide variety of innovative approaches and methodologies, broad in reach - yet unified through a critical angle of vision.

  News / Events / Announcements

Distinguished Alumni Celebration Honoring Robyn Wiegman - [Public Lecture Information]

Postdoctoral Fellow Jeanne Vaccaro's co-curated exhibition, Bring Your Own Body: transgender between archives and aesthetics, opened December 10 at the Glass Curtain Gallery in Chicago and was recently reviewed in the Chicago Reader!

Emerita Gender Studies faculty member Fedwa Malti-Douglas honored with National Humanities Medal.

Gender Studies Professor and Kinsey Institute Research Scientist Justin Garcia was recently featured on the Dr. Oz Show. [Video Clip]

Congratulations to Professor Brenda Weber! Her book Reality Gendervision received the Ray and Pat Browne Award for best edited collection. The award was given by the PCA/ACA (Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association).