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Ph.D. Minor in Gender Studies

Gender Studies builds on decades of feminist work to examine the social processes, cultural representations, relations of power, and forms of knowledge that generate a range of gendered perspectives and experience world-wide. Our focus on gender as an analytic category generates cutting-edge research across fields as diverse as the social sciences, the arts and humanities, the natural sciences, and policy studies. The department emphasizes integrative and transdisciplinary modes of analysis for the study of sexualities and sexual identities, bodies and their technologization and medicalization, representation and social/cultural production, and feminist epistemologies.

Course Requirements

A Ph.D. Minor in Gender Studies requires at least four 3-4 credit courses offered by the Department of Gender Studies. At least 1 of these courses must be chosen from the following:  G600 Concepts of Gender; G603 Feminist Theories;  and G702 Researching Gender Issues.

Students may petition for a maximum of one non-GNDR graduate-level 3-4 credit course taken in another IU department or transferred from graduate work at another university to be counted towards the minor. The director of graduate studies must deem such a course to have significant Gender Studies content.

Plans for the minor must be made in consultation with the director of graduate studies. At the end of each semester/year, contact the Gender Studies Graduate Secretary by e-mail to update any information pertaining to courses that you have taken toward the minor.


Only grades of B (3.0) and above will count for credit.


None required. A Gender Studies faculty member may be invited to attend the studentís oral qualifying examination.

For more information, please contact our Graduate Advisor.