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Claudia Breger

Claudia Breger Professor of Germanic Studies
Adjunct Professor of Gender Studies and
Communication and Culture

Send Email | (812) 855-0101 | Memorial Hall East 131


2003 Habilitation, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
1996 Ph.D. in German Literature, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
1992 M.A. in German Literature, Washington University, St. Louis, MO


G701 (Graduate Topics in Gender Studies)

  • Cold War Genders – and Beyond
  • Configuring Identity: Intersections of Gender, Sexuality and Race in the Modern German Imagination
  • Negotiating Distanciation and Intensity: Complex Affectscapes in Independent European Cinema

G302 (Issues in Gender Studies)

  • Gender Glocalized: German and European Perspectives
  • Configuring Identity: Gender, Sexuality, and Race in the Modern German Imagination


gender and sexuality in a global 1968My research focuses on 20th- and 21st-century literature, film and culture, with an emphasis on the intersections of gender, sexuality, and race, as well as literary, media, and cultural theory. In my recent book An Aesthetics of Narrative Performance: Transnational Theater, Literature and Film in Contemporary Germany, I probe the relations between aesthetics and politics/culture by intertwining the categories of narrative and performance (Columbus: Ohio State University Press, December 2012, Theory and Interpretation of Narrative Series). A smaller German book publication traces intersections between sexology, queer theory and affect studies: Nach dem Sex? Sexualwissenschaft and Affect Studies (After Sex? Sexology and Affect Studies, Goettingen: Wallstein, September 2014). Previous – German – book publications include a study on (critical, queer, etc.) refigurations of royal imaginaries in 20th-century literature, film, and popular culture (Freiburg/Br.: Rombach, 2004), and one on the genealogy of modern representations of ‘gypsies’ at the intersection of race and gender around 1800 (Köln: Böhlau, 1998). Co-edited volumes have explored questions of empathy and narrative; narratives of life in the biosciences, film and literature; ‘thing’ theory; discourses of reproduction; and theories of the ‘third’ (sex, etc.). In my new project, I am beginning to explore ‘Mixed Feelings’ – and other complexities of affect – in contemporary film.