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Grants and Awards for Undergraduates

Internal Grants and Awards

The Barbara C. Gray Scholarship Award The Department of Gender Studies is looking for the best undergraduate student paper written this school year. We will be awarding this every year for the most outstanding undergraduate paper written for a Gender Studies class. The award is $500.

You must be an IUB undergraduate student, but you do not have to be a Gender Studies major or minor. You must have written the paper for a Gender Studies class in the previous fall or the current spring semester that you are applying. You can submit only one paper each year - so pick your best whether it's been graded or not. Three copies of your paper must be submitted by 4 PM on Tuesday, April 20th, 2010.

There's no application form needed. Simply apply by submitting three hard copies of your paper to the Barbara C. Gray Scholarship Committee, Department of Gender Studies, Memorial Hall East-Room 130.

Papers should have a single separate title page indicating the Gender Studies course for which the paper was written along with your name on this separate sheet. All other identifying information on the paper itself (e.g. name of student, etc.) should be eliminated from the text.

Any questions? Email Us (gender at indiana dot edu).

External Grants and Awards