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Major in Gender Studies

The interdisciplinary major in Gender Studies offers students an up-to-date, problem-oriented understanding of gender. Gender Studies focuses on the complex interrelationships between sexed bodies, gendered identities, and sexualities through diverse methodologies and far-ranging institutional and interpersonal locations.

*The degree requirements listed below are effective as of Fall 2006 for IU undergraduates.*

A Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies requires a total of 122 semester credit hours, 30 of which constitute the Gender Studies major. Those 30 credit hours must be distributed as follows:

Two required course (6 credit hours)

Three core elective courses chosen from the following list of seven (9 credits hours)

Four additional free elective courses chosen from the full range of undergraduate courses offered by the Department of Gender Studies (12 credit hours)

Of the 21 credit hours of core and free elective coursework, one class must be at the 200 level, three must be at the 300 or 400 level, and one additional class must be at the 400 level.

At least one elective must focus on a culture or cultures other than the dominant cultures of the United States or modern Western Europe. G102, G215, or G410 are recommended.

Note: Courses that are officially joint listed with the Department of Gender Studies are automatically accredited for use toward the satisfaction of major requirements. This is true regardless of which course number students choose to register under. Additionally, students may petition to count one non-jointed list course from outside the Department of Gender Studies for credit toward the major. They should, however, confirm the eligibility of such a course in advance with the undergraduate advisor. A course will be deemed eligible if, in both its title and content, it substantially addresses gender-related issues or analyses.

Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented here, official information regarding College of Arts and Sciences degree requirements should be found at the College of Arts Sciences web page.

Please contact the academic advisor for if you have any questions related to Gender Studies major.

*Students who matriculated prior to Fall 2006 are governed by the degree requirements that were in place at the time they began their study at Indiana University.


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