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Sue Grimmond | Faculty

Sue Grimmond Professor, Department of Geography

Office: SB 120
TEL: 855-6303

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. 1989. British Columbia


  • Micrometeorology and hydroclimatology of urban and forested areas
  • Measurement and physically based modeling

Representative Publications

  • Grimmond CSB. 2005. Progress in measuring and observing the urban atmosphere. Theoretical and Applied Climatology (in press)
  • Grimmond CSB, JA Salmond, TR Oke, B Offerle and A Lemonsu. 2004: Flux and turbulence measurements at a dense urban site in Marseille: Heat, Mass (water, carbon dioxide) and Momentum. JGR Atmospheres, 109, D24, D24101, 19pp doi:10.1029/2004JD004936
  • Offerle BD, CSB Grimmond and TR Oke. 2003: Parameterization of net all-wave radiation for urban areas. Journal of Applied Meteorology, 42, 1157-1173.
  • Masson V, CSB Grimmond and TR Oke. 2002: Evaluation of the Town Energy Balance (TEB) scheme with direct measurements from dry districts in two cities. Journal of Applied Meteorology, 41, 1011-26.
  • Grimmond CSB and TR Oke. 2002: Turbulent heat fluxes in urban areas: Observations and local-scale urban meteorological parameterization scheme (LUMPS). Journal of Applied Meteorology, 41, 792-810
  • Grimmond CSB, TS King, FD Cropley, D Nowak and C Souch. 2002: Local-scale fluxes of carbon dioxide in urban environments: methodological challenges and results from Chicago. Environmental Pollution, 116, S243-S254.
  • Grimmond CSB, SK Potter, HN Zutter and C Souch. 2001: Rapid methods to estimate sky view factors applied to urban areas. International Journal of Climatology, 21, 903-913.
  • Cleugh HA and CSB Grimmond 2001: Modeling regional scale surface energy exchanges and CBL growth in a heterogeneous, urban-rural landscape. Boundary Layer Meteorology, 98, 1-31.