With the amount of material to cover during the semester in an introductory course it is easy to get behind. In this class we will constantly be building on what has been done before. Therefore it is particularly important to attend classes and to keep up with the material. You should be spending about 2 hours outside class studying for every hour of scheduled class time.

After each class, I strongly recommend you review your lecture notes, supplementing them with readings from the text, and what you have learned from the online resources. Use the review questions to draw the material together. Make a note of any questions and bring them to class, or stop by my office during office hours. If you are having difficulties with any aspect of the course, you should come and see me immediately; don't wait until the middle of the semester or later. You can set up an appointment in class or email me

Tutorial Places on Campus Tutorial Help - Do not leave this to the end of semester! 

Briscoe Academic Support Center 
Briscoe Quad 7 pm -midnight Sunday - Thursday 
No appointment necessary - i.e. you can walk in and ask for help with studying or tutoring for this (or other courses) 
This is open to anyone you don't need to be living in this dorm 

Student Academic Center - 316 N Jordan 
855 7313 8am - 5pm 

  • Individualized Assistance