These questions are intended to help you review the material we have been covering in class and lab. Use your lecture notes, your textbook, the lab manual, and the Internet resources to answer them. Read your notes and your text, then close them up and try to answer the questions i.e. don't just copy sections out of the text. You may find it useful to work in groups, and try explaining your answers to each other. The sequence does not follow the lectures exactly - some of the questions are designed to integrate material from a number of lectures. In many instances drawing an annotated (labeled) diagram may be the easiest way to answer the question (you can do this in an exam too). 
  • 0. General overview
  • 1. Atmosphere: Composition & Structure
  • 4. Solar and terrestrial radiation
  • 5. Surface energy balance
  • 6. Temperature
  • 7. Atmospheric moisture
  • 8. Atmospheric stability
  • 9. Clouds & precipitation
  • 10. Forces and winds
  • 12. Weather systems
  • 13 Severe storms
  • 14. Climate Change