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G105 (Earth: Our Habitable Planet)

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Professor: Dr. Jürgen Schieber, Room 523, Geological Sciences, Ph: 855-5322,

Office Hour: Monday 9:00-10:00, or by appointment

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 lecture notes are linked to the chapters listed below

Date                Topics                                           Reading Assignment

Course Notes PART II

(for Part 1 and 3 look at

Week 7 Geologic Time, Geologic Processes Past and Present - Uniformitarianism WC-6; BP-Ch.8, p. 160+;
Week 8 Self Regulating Systems - Atmospheric Gases - Greenhouse Effect WC-7; L-4; BP-Ch.1, 20;
P-12, 13
Week 9 The Importance of Carbon for Climate Regulation, Daisyworld WC-8; WC-9; L-3; L-5;
BP-Ch.15-p. 358, 20;
P-14, 15
Week 10 Spring Break  
Week 11 The Origin of Life and its Consequences  WC-10; L-3; BP-Ch. 17
P-16, 17
Week 12 Second Midterm  (click for study guide)  

WC = Posted Course Notes; L = readings from Lovelock; BP = reading from Blue Planet text; P = Powerpoint Lectures