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field courses
Volcanoes of the Eastern Sierra Nevadas field course

volcanoes of the eastern sierra nevadas

Field course at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania

GEOL X377/549
field geology and paleoanthropology in tanzania

EAS Alumni College Field Program in Tanzania

EAS Alumni College
Field Program in Tanzania

G420 Regional Tectonic field trip

regional tectonic
field trip

G429 Field Course

field geology in the rocky mountains


News and Announcements

Diplomacy Lab Symposium

April 18 Diplomacy Lab Symposium

Eight EAS students, who are taking part in the "Environmental & Energy Diplomacy" class that Michael Hamburger is teaching this spring, attended a Diplomacy Lab Symposium on April 18th on the Bloomington campus. Among the guests was the former Science Advisory to the Secretary of State, Dr. Vaughan Turekian. See more images from the symposium here.


As our course titles are in transition from the GEOL department to the EAS department, our courses for Summer 2018 and Fall 2018 are listed under either EAS or GEOL on the Course Brower, depending upon which courses have gone through the course change approvals. Please check both places in order to enroll in Summer and Fall classes. The courses are listed here for your convenience.

Curiosity Rover: IU Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Mars research

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Events and Outreach

Colloquia Information |

  • April 23: Colloquium season has ended for the semester. Talks will resume in the Fall. See you then!