Indiana University Bloomington

Current Graduate Students and Post-Docs

Seth Young, Research Associate "Speciation and isotopic signatures of sulfur and iron associated with radiolyitc oxidation of pyrrhotite in the presence of water" Advisor: Lisa Pratt

Yongbo Peng, Post-Doc, Advisor: Lisa Pratt

Chao Wang, Post Doc. Advisor: Chen Zhu

Sarah Cadieux, Ph.D in progress. Advisor: Lisa Pratt

Yanyan Chen, Ph.D. in progress. Advisors: Arndt Schimmelmann/Maria Mastalerz

Devon Colcord, Ph.D in progress. Advisor: Simon Brassell

Cindy Elbaz, Ph.D in progress. "Microbial cycling of sulfur in a mesothermal spring on the Oregon Basalt Plateau." Advisor: Simon Brassell/Lisa Pratt

Agnieszka Furmann, M.S. in progress. Advisors: Arndt Schimmelmann and Maria Mastarlerz

Ling Gao, Ph.D in progress. "Hydrogen stable isotopes in biomarkers released from kerogen" Advisors: Arndt Schimmelmann/Maria Mastalerz

Amy Goldman, M.S. Advisor: Lisa Pratt

Yifei Liu, Ph.D. in progress. Advisors: Gary Pavlis/Lisa Pratt

Penny Meighen, Ph.D. in progress. Advisors: Maria Mastalerz/Simon Brassell

Katarina Topalov, Ph.D in progress. "Stable isotopes in bone collagen and other fossil biogenic materials" Advisor: Arndt Schimmelmann

Kevin Webster, Ph.D. in progress. Advisor: Lisa Pratt