Indiana University Bloomington

Research Areas


Contact: Simon Brassell

Biomarkers in Terrestrial Paleoclimatology

Contact: Peter Sauer


Contact: Chen Zhu

Coal and Maceral Petrography, Chemistry and Isotope Geochemistry

Contact: Maria Mastalerz
Coal petrography lab with reflected light microscopes equipped with photometry systems and fluorescence attachments; standard photographic camera and digital camera with image analysis software.

Ecology of Marshes

Contact: Chris Craft
CHN analyzer

Fossil Fuels and their Stable Isotopes

Contact: Arndt Schimmelmann, Maria Mastalerz
Hydrogen isotope exchange apparatus; special vacuum lines for hydrogen

Stable Isotope Techniques, On-Line: H, C, N, O

Contact: Peter Sauer
Finnigan MAT252 (for C); Delta Plus XP (C, H, N, O) with EAs, GCs, Gas Bench, Hydrogen Device

Stable Isotope Techniques, On-Line: Sulfur

Contact: Lisa Pratt, Edward M. Ripley
Finnigan MAT252, with EA

Stable Isotope Techniques, Off-Line: C, H, N, O

Contact: Arndt Schimmelmann
Vacuum lines, Finnigan MAT252, Delta Plus XP

Stable Isotope Techniques, Off-Line: Sulfur

Contact: Erika Elswick, Edward M. Ripley
Dedicated vacuum line, Finnigan MAT252

Methane, Hydrocarbon Gases, and their Stable Isotopes

Contact: Maria Mastalerz, Jeffrey White, Arndt Schimmelmann
Coal-bed methane desorption/adsorption devices; vacuum lines

Minerals, Ore Deposits, and Applicable Isotopes

Contact: Edward M. Ripley, Erika Elswick
Specialized vacuum lines; Finnigan MAT252 dedicated for sulfur